Quiz Feature - Ongoing DIscussion

  • This is a thread for general discussion of the use and revisions to the quiz function of the forum. I would appreciate over time if people would let us know comments, questions, suggestions, etc, about this function. And here's one good use of this thread: I just recently added the first two quizzes for the Lucretius review. I checked the results and see this for the BOOK ONE PART ONE Quiz result:

    Uh-oh, for Eugenios and Godfrey to get exactly the same 77.8 percent result, there must be a particular question or two that may be weirdly worded or even wrong. I am not sure that I have the ability to check individual test results to see what questions caused the issues. Can you guys let me know if I have a question or two you disagree with?

    One of these days I will move these questions into a full-blown "Moodle" or similar computerized learning format, so anytime someone sees a particular question which could be improved, let me know.

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Ongoing DIscussion of Quizzes” to “Quiz Feature - Ongoing DIscussion”.
  • I tried taking it again to see which questions I good wrong, and then hit the wrong button to see my individual scores ^^ Oops!

    The only feedback I would give is that "Which of these is NOT X" questions are sometimes tricky. Maybe more T/F questions? Or can you do select all that apply kinds of questions?

  • I think I missed two of the "which of these is not X" questions. Most of the questions are pretty obvious, but a couple zeroed in on the text more than the general ideas and those got me. I could have reviewed the text, but didn't. :/

  • Godfrey yes as to question 5, Episode two, I can see how that one is not so easy. I think that Elayne helps stress in that episode how the issue with Agamemnon's example is not "all child sacrifice is offensive" because that would be an absolute bright line that would imply an absolute morality. The issue is much more: "child sacrifice offends our feelings at least in most cases." That focuses on feeling as the root of Epicurean morality and gives us an emotional example that no matter how strong our feelings are in a particular situation, that never crosses over into a bright line that "all killing of children at all times for all reasons by all people in all places" is intrinsically "bad" or "evil."

    And that is a huge point to be made and drilled in for a proper understanding of Epicurean ethics.

    I can see that that one is difficult, especially given the way I wrote the option regarding Agamemnon. That's an example of how I will need to weigh and balance the purpose of the quiz and how easy we want scoring to be. I'll definitely mark that one as one to consider as we move forward.