Happy Twentieth of March 2020!

  • Happy Twentieth to everyone here in the Epicurean philosophy group. We're going through a time of major testing for all of us, and there's never been a time to test all allegations about "the truth" against the evidence of the senses! If you've never read the short piece "Alexander the Oracle-Monger" by Lucian, which detalls Epicurean skepticism and inquiry in the face of fraud, now is a good time to do so!



  • Happy 20th.

    Over the last days and weeks, I have been hearing the most remarkable oracles from my acquaintances and relations. If God wants you to die from a virus, he'll make it happen. And also; If you trust God and do not fear this, He will save you. I have been told earnestly that the projected official figure (65 million) is just an homage to Satan—by way of "rounding up" 65 to 66.

    I have heard them clamour for the churches to remain open, because Jesus is the only true medicine.

    What a joy it is put all that nonsense by: to cleave to what we know, and to confess just as readily to what we do not know.

    Peace and safety, friends.

  • I hear you! "Mysterious ways" and all that. Happy Twentieth!!


    KD 16 Βραχέα σοφῷ τύχη παρεμπίπτει, τὰ δὲ μέγιστα καὶ κυριώτατα ὁ λογισμὸς διῴκηκε καὶ κατὰ τὸν συνεχῆ χρόνον τοῦ βίου διοικεῖ καὶ διοικήσει.

    KD 16 Chance steals only a bit into the life of a wise person: for throughout the complete span of his life the greatest and most important matters have been, are, and will be directed by the power of reason. (Saint-Andre translation)