Dicussion of Elli's Article: On The Ill Health of Epicurus vs. The Insanity Of The Modern World

  • I saw this the other day; I'm glad I was reminded to circle back and read it.

    Thank you for taking the time, Elli. It is an interesting piece, and a timely one!

  • I am sorry we haven't gotten more discussion on it, but we've been otherwise occupied I am afraid. I am hoping that one day soon we can prevail on Elli to do a media version of this or one of her other articles so we can hear her voice at least as we consider what she has to say ;-)

  • I find elli 's article fascinating. I had never considered the possibility that Epicurus' vomiting could have been a symptom and not just a fabrication of his detractors. That would have been a perfect opportunity for selective truth-telling on the part of Timocrates and others. People could say, "Oh yeah, I have seen Epicurus doing that. So *that's* what he's up to! That Timocrates was one of them for awhile. He should know. Those Epicureans are so debauched!" And getting insight into what it might have been like for him living with chronic kidney disease does she light on some of the teachings.