Announcement: An Award For The Best Thesis On Epicurus

  • netoip-1-660x229.jpgThanks to the generosity and love for culture of NetoIP (Italian telephone operator), here the first prize dedicated to Epicurus is born.

    The best master's or doctoral thesis, in Italian or English, will be awarded with € 1,500.

    With this award, the World Cultural Association of Epicurus, co-organizer of the award together with NetoIP, intends to thank all those who study the ancient texts, the papyri, the archaeological excavations, the fragments, the testimonies, to give us back an authentic Epicurus. Only thanks to their studies does everything we do by divulging and updating Epicurus' thought make sense.

    The winner will be invited to present his work - and to collect the prize - during the Second Epicurean Festival in Senigallia (Italy) from 22 to 26 July 2020.

    Here you can download the announcement in Italian and English.


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