Special Podcast Episode: Epicurus Against the Platonists / Aristotelians

  • This is to start planning a special podcast episode devoted to the topic: Epicurus Against the Platonists and Aristotelians.

    Please post ideas for organization and topics to cover initial thoughts are:

    1. Introduction of panelists
    2. Identify that Plato and Aristotle had some differences but were basically the same on most issues of relevance to this discussion.
    3. Basic issues on which Platonists / Aristotelians and Epicureans disagree
      1. Physics / Nature of the Universe
      2. Epistemology
      3. Ethics
    4. Examples where these arguments are featured:
      1. Frances Wright A Few Days in Athens, especially as to comments on Aristotle
      2. The statements of Thomas Jefferson condemning Plato
      3. Statements of Frederich Nietzsche (?)
    5. Summary and conclusions
      1. Eclecticism / combination of the two is not the answer

    Resources / references to use for the episode:

    1. A Comparison Chart: Stoic vs. Epicurean Philosophy