Scheduling of Online Activities As Of January 2020

  • Here below is the structure I am thinking makes the most sense as a goal. Overall, the structure breaks down into scheduling regular online sessions which can be recorded and then released as podcasts. It is probably a reasonable goal to target a group of moderators / key panelists / core participants getting together online at least once every two weeks to read through Lucretius, which can then be edited and released as the Lucretius Today podcast.

    Lucretius can be difficult to follow and will take more preparation than probably makes sense for an "open group" format, so at the same time we can do a regular review of the Principal Doctrines (and Vatican Sayings) from start to finish, and open that discussion to a wider group of participants. This discussion would also be recorded and then edited for release into an Epicurus Today podcast.

    We will also want to schedule at some point in the future a new round of the Norman DeWitt "Epicurus and His Philosophy" book review which we held last year.

    Some of this is underway, some has been done already and is just waiting for a new cycle, and then some has not yet been implemented. All of it is waiting mostly on sufficient people to indicate interest in proceeding. If you are interested, please indicate your interest and availability in the particular forum. It would be most helpful if you could indicate days of the week / hours of the day when you are most available to participate.

    Major Projects

  • I'm interested in all of them. Best times for me are 2pm-9pm Pacific time (5pm-12am Eastern) M-F; 11am-4pm Pacific (2pm-7pm Eastern) weekends. Available, but likely to be intermittent, for other times.

    I plan to be more available than I have been for the last few months :)

  • Thank you Godfrey. I am pretty flexible myself so I can rearrange my schedule as needed, although I am presuming that what's going to make the most sense is perhaps 8 or 9 pm eastern so that it's a reasonable hour into the central and western time zones. Let's see if we can't get a couple more firmed up and then we'll see what we can do. I am thinking that it probably makes sense to pick a certain day of the week to repeat each week as we will no doubt have individuals come and go from week to week as they are available, so ultimately we need to just pick a day / time and try to get started.

  • I too am interested in all of these, I believe them to be excellent initiatives. My availability is all day Monday-Wednesday. I am also available in the mornings before noon central time on Thursdays-Saturdays, and after midnight till 2 am central time during these days as well. I am unavailable all day Sunday as I reserve that day for gathering with family and friends.

  • Because I do independent contracting, my schedule is variable week to week. I always have conflicts on Thursday and Friday nights, and often on Tuesday nights. I work some weekends. From now through the end of February I'm working every weekend, to cover a temporary gap for an urgent care.

    Monday and Wednesday evenings are least likely to have a conflict. I do have a conflict Wednesday Feb 5, for a Shakespeare theater that only comes here once a year.

  • Hi Cassius. I am interested in all of the projects. I may lack the ability and knowledge of the other participants but am happy to take part and ask the occasional pertinent question.

    My schedule is very flexible at the moment and so any day or time should work. I own the Munro translation of Lucretius and will start to reread On the Nature of Things.

  • Tonight (Tuesday night) several of us recorded another session which I will edit into Episode 2 of the Lucretius podcast. I think we can go in parallel and start a second set of calls in the very near future, and maybe Tuesday nights will work as well as any other night. Let's continue to think about this, give me this week to edit Episode 2 of the Lucretius podcast, and we ought to be ready to try a session with more people very soon.

    Also as we post episode 2 we can ask for questions and see if anyone wants to hear us discuss questions.

    Starting slowly but steadily.

  • Nice work Cassius! I just finished episode 1 and look forward to listening to episode 2.

    I understand the need to keep some order over the discussion- especially when recording for broadcast. Just keep me in mind in more participants are required. Otherwise, I will happily enjoy your podcasts as they become available.

  • I found your soundcloud podcast and thought that your introduction was incredibly well done, you really need to have this on the apple podcast app as I feel like it is lacking the attention that it truly deserves on soundcloud because it is not a common location for people to seek out podcasts. I have not had the time yet to listen to any of the others, but from what I heard so far, your oratory skills are excellent and should be capitalized on as a tool for educating others. These podcasts seem like a wonderful investment of effort.

  • Thank you Trey I had forgotten about that one! As soon as I get a couple of "Lucretius Today" podcasts put together i am going to revamp the delivery system and make sure that it is findable by podcast apps like you are talking about. Thanks for reminding me.

  • Thanks Godfrey, I have not heard of that. Is that a phone OS program? I think the key is getting the podcast listed in the main central providers, and that is what I need to investigate next.

    In the meantime I am pleased to say that we have Episode 2 of the Lucretius podcast recorded and it should be ready in a couple of days.

  • Google Podcasts is a free Android app that is downloaded from the Google Play Store. It used to be part of Google Play Music, but some time ago it was split off on its own. That's what I use to listen to podcasts on my phone and I've been happy with it. In the Play Store it says it's been downloaded 5,000,000 times and is rated 4.6 out of 5, so it seems pretty popular.

    Looking forward to Episode 2!

  • For those who are reading along in this thread, I've had some discussions about scheduling an open session for next Wednesday night, the 29th of January, at 8PM Eastern time, so you might want to pencil that into your calendar. I'll post an agenda but pursuant to my latest thinking I suspect the best thing to do would be to devote at least part of the beginning to starting to talk about the letter to Herodotus, but then of course it would be great to hear general thoughts and commentaries and any brief "getting to know you" info material you'd like to share. More details to come.

    I trust that everyone here reading this is at least largely on the same page as to general approach to things, so it might be preferable for us to open up the invitation in stages. It would probably be a good idea for the first stage to be those of us here at Epicureanfriends as the first invitees, perhaps with some selected people at Facebook, rather than simply posting a public notice on FB or other locations.

    If you haven't joined us before we've been using Skype, so that will be the way to join at least for the first event or two.