Happy Twentieth of January, 2020!

  • Happy Twentieth to everyone! Over the last several weeks we've had some of our most active and best discussions in the history of the forum here. Thanks to everyone who participates - we are creating an Epicurean resource that will help many in the future while enhancing our happiness today.

  • Happy Twentieth to all

    I wrote a blog for today following up on "Back to the Basics" (Letter to Menoeceus), where I ask: But what if we were to focus on having “the sweetest enjoyment of luxury” from time to time, rather than on being “contented with little if we have not much”?


    "Please always remember my doctrines!" - Epicurus' last words

  • Happy Twentieth!

    "It is not the pretended but the real pursuit of philosophy that is needed; for we do not need the appearance of good health but to enjoy it in truth."