Spam / User Privileges / Revisions of User Groups

  • I noticed this morning that we had a spam entry selling some kind of antivirus software. That reminds me that some of us have been discussing that to date the forum is largely "open" and anyone can post after joining without requiring an vetting beforehand.

    I think that has been a logical procedure while we were getting off the ground, but over the last two years thanks to the participants here we now have a substantial set of good conversations, so we can start to become more selective in the future. I plan to work on revising the user groupings and privileges to address that. If anyone has comments or suggestions on how to organize that please post them here. No doubt there will be some bumps in the road as this is implemented so I will apologize beforehand and we'll fix them as needed.

    No timetable for this yet but it's on the agenda.