Thanksgiving Holiday in The USA - 2019

  • I think most of us who frequent here are probably based in the USA, other than Elli and Michele, so I suspect we will see some variation in posting over the coming week as people go on vacation and have either more or less free time. I should be maintaining pretty much my normal schedule, but in case I miss some of you who leave for vacation, have safe travels and a happy holiday with family and friends.

    Anyone have any special plans?

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Thanksgiving Holiday in The USA” to “Thanksgiving Holiday in The USA - 2019”.
  • I'll be out moving and shaking as normal! The western plains and the Rockies have just been buried under a foot of snow. Hopefully all are doing well! I shut down the truck yesterday and won't start again until this evening or tomorrow morning. No sense getting stranded in Wyoming!

  • I bet that must be some beautiful scenery out there. Send us some scenic views sometime! :-)

  • Haha oh I have pictures...

    Northeast of El Paso

    Somewhere out west






    Salt Lake City

    West Virginia

    And one very regrettable night in Memphis

  • I'll still be unpacking boxes, but on Friday I'll be taking a 4 hour drive to my grandparents house to visit my dad's side of the family as we have Thanksgiving on Saturday with some early-Christmas gift unboxing. The following day I'll be tagging along with a childhood friend and his family to go watch Knives out, admittedly I have no interest *at all* in the movie since its directed by Rian Johnson.

    After that, more unpacking. :(

    “If the joys found in nature are crimes, then man’s pleasure and happiness is to be criminal.”

  • Wow those pictures are great Joshua! Great for computer screen backgrounds too.

    And you too, Charles, have a good Thanksgiving.

  • Joshua your photos convey to me a sense of pleasure in your life on the road. In addition to being great photos! They make me want to take a road trip. :/

    Charles, I watched Knives Out last night and found it to be a fun and lighthearted tale of wealth and murder. Maybe a little silly but I thoroughly enjoyed it; I know very little about Rian Johnson however. An added element of personal enjoyment was that I've got a neighbor who talks like Don Johnson's character and so I was chuckling to myself every time he showed up on screen. After the movie my wife confirmed that impression and we got another good laugh!

  • Joshua I meant to ask - how did you take those pictures - carry a real camera with you?

  • They were all taken with a smartphone, Cassius. All but one—the high mountain lake at Quandary Peak in Colorado—were taken with my current phone, a Samsung Galaxy s9+. I have been thinking about getting something like a go-pro to mount at the passenger-side window for especially scenic drives.

    (The shot of the road with a faint rainbow was taken while I was still in training. No photography while driving!)

    Road trips are great, Godfrey! My main complaint is that I get so close to places I want to see, but not close enough to actually see them. I need about 8 daylight hours to spare in a city before I can justify the Uber!

    I still have three states I've never been to; Rhode Island, Vermont, and Alaska. I'll be meeting my family in Nashville in June. Finally going to go check out that Parthenon. But first I'm looking forward to a lazy 8 days off in Florida come January!

  • Joshua are your smartphone pics handheld? Do you use any tripod or lens attachments? They look really crisp in addition to their other virtues.

  • Just handheld. All credit to the phone manufacturers! I never do anything more serious than zooming and cropping. (I also take a lot of bad or disappointing helps to have a lot of options to choose from!)

  • Joshua I think you will really enjoy the Parthenon. I have been there twice and it's really monumentally impressive. The statue on the inside is also huge, if perhaps a little plasticy-looking (if I remember). But I go by there any chance I get and I highly recommend it.