Article Attacking "Post Empirical Science"

  • Here is an excellent article shared today by the Epicurus page - I am pasting a clip of the conclusion. Claims of truth without evidence are something that Epicurus dealt with regularly. When people make claims for which they have no evidence, can they not at least pay us the respect of saying so, even if they do so in the name of "science?"

    (I see the piece comes from Britain, where they do not have American freedom of speech. Because I like free speech, nor do I see any evidence that Epicurus attempted to restrict the speech of his adversaries, I editorialized by striking the "within reason" comment.)…moron-and-it-is-dangerous?

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Article Attacking on "Post Empirical Science"” to “Article Attacking "Post Empirical Science"”.