Technology Question - How Best To Create "Video" With Speech Matched To Scrolling Text

  • Then it should work, and yes, the TTS takes time. Then it should show a progress bar once Moviepy starts to load the audio

  • I've decided to make a Web Application like I described earlier, it would be very enjoyable to make

  • Great! Keep us posted. I am going to restart and work with a much smaller file and see if I can generate something ;-)

  • Admittedly, my server is going to be very slow, so a 15 minute video will take an hour to create.

  • I will appreciate anything you can do, Kyle. Even that kind of performance would be ok, because it should be possible to generate short runs as a test, and then if someone wants to do longer ones then they can load it and wait for the result. So far all my tests are running into errors, so I presume what's going on is that without an installer to load all the required libraries, an online version would be best. And if you were to try for an installer you'd probably run into the classic Windows vs Mac vs Linux incompatibilities. Anything you can do will be appreciated and if you end up not being able to do anything, we'll still have the same options with other software! ;-)

  • I know how to fix that error,…ot-be-detected-by-moviepy

    First of all, I install libmagick++-dev by using sudo apt install libmagick++-dev. Secondly, I follow the suggestion from reddit. Specifically, I open policy.xml of ImageMagick by using command: sudo vim /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml and then comment the @ policy by change from <policy domain="path" rights="none" pattern="@*" /> to <!--<policy domain="path" rights="none" pattern="@*" /> -->.

  • Kyle you are the MAN! In 20 minutes I will have my first customized version of the full Vatican sayings, with Ivona text to speech, custom background. Lots of details to play with but I can see what can be done with this. Great!!

  • OK i am learning that left-moving the text left takes lots more processing power, so this is just a clip. I will keep working on the full version but this shows what can be done. The audio could as easily be a live voice as it is Ivona.

    Later tonight I need to run a system upgrade but we should not be offline for long. Thanks Kyle!!

  • You can move the text (x-position, 'center')

    replace x-position with something like 10

    (i think this will work, i'd test a short clip first).

    I'm making the web app, it's gonna take a bit i have to learn how to do APIs

  • Very logical suggestion as to the text position!

    The only thing I am not getting to work is the title. Is there perhaps an effective maximum length (and maybe I am trying something too long (? "The Vatican Sayings of Epicurus") But that is no big deal at all. I can tell it will be relatively easy to customize what you've produced so far.

  • Sorry the titles are too hard to implement for me to work on it unless you think they're necessary

  • No problem WHATSOEVER -- let's forego them completely as there are easy workarounds. Thank you VERY much for what you have done so far! I am about to take the system down for just a few minutes (hopefully to do an upgrade. Be right back!

  • Proof Of Concept: "The Vatican List of the Sayings Of Epicurus." Thank you Kyle! This is my first extended test of the scrolling text video generation system. It still has rough edges but many of those will be smoothed away, and hopefully soon the computer voice will be the thing of the past. Thanks to Kyle it is now easy to mate any text with any mp3 recording of a voice, and have the text scroll to match the voice in front of any custom background. I will experiment further with more prototypes but if you have been interested in recording a selection of the Epicurean text with your own voice, please consider sending me the MP3, along with the text you're reading from, and a proposed graphic, and we can create videos suitable for posting on Youtube.

  • Thanks for the correction on 80 Kyle. I am in the process of regenerating it now. The problem was in the file I used in Ivona, as you suggested.