A Few Recent Acquisitions

  • Now that I'm home for two weeks (well, actually at a friend's house), I've made a few "School"-related purchases.

    Added to my library;

    -Lives of Eminent Philosophers by Diogenes Laertius, in two volumes, from the Loeb Classical Library. I don't believe I had ever read Book X on Epicurus (other than the letters themselves), so this fills a gap. The rest of the volume is just pleasure reading; particularly regarding the pre-Socratics.

    -Tending the Epicurean Garden, by our own Hiram Crespo. Been interested in this one for a long time.

    -I was hoping to pick up a copy of Michel Onfray's Hedonist Manifesto, as I've seen it cited here regularly. I'll likely go for the kindle version.

    Audio recording;

    -A new microphone and pop filter

    -Bose over-the-ear headphones

    Yes, the podcast dream is still alive! I hope to have a Pilot episode up by the middle of next week. Additionally, if there are any specific text recordings you'd like to see soon-ish, please let me know!

    The ring project

    -Wax carving tools

    -Several tubes of carving wax, designed for carving rings. This is a hobby that I imagine meshing well with the over-the-road lifestyle. I'll be exploring different designs for Epicurean rings. (Don't look for progress on this front anytime soon!)

  • Outstanding, Joshua! I think you will really find a lot in the rest of Book X. The narrative part contains tons of important details not in the letters.

    Looking forward to the podcast prototype!