What Kinds Of Podcasts Should We Target First?

  • ​What kind of podcasting should we target to produce first? 2

    The result is only visible to the participants.

    What kind of podcasting / audio-visual material should we target to produce first? Let me know if I miss a major category that I should include here - I am sure others could be added.

  • Panel and interview sound the least boring and the most likely to keep people coming and to generate opportunities for useful and relevant content.

    It would also be of mutual benefit for Epicureans to participate in popular philosophy podcasts like Partially Examined Life and others, and to expand presence and content on youtube.

    "Please always remember my doctrines!" - Epicurus' last words

  • We've had some recent additions to our active group, several of whom would really be good to participate in podcasts, and there may be others I don't know about.

    We'll definitely continue the existing Lucretius Today podcast to the end, and those of us who get together on the Twentieth by Skype will continue to do that (anyone not participating who would like to join us, let us know).

    In addition to those I think we continue to think about ways to open up this kind of "talk" opportunity to other people for motivational and also for outreach purposes. Not only does talking online help motivate those who participate, but most of the time we can edit the conversations and produce something worthwhile to others as a podcast.

    There are obvious targets for themes for such projects to discuss, and I want to keep a current list of them:

    Those we did in the past or currently:

    (1) Chapter by Chapter through Norman Dewitt's "Epicurus and His Philosophy"

    (2) Lucretius' Poem

    Those we need to do, not necessarily in order:

    (1) The Principal Doctrines

    (2) The Vatican Sayings

    (3) The Biography of Epicurus

    (4) The Letters of Epicurus (probably do them separately)

    (5) A series on our "Frequently Asked Questions"

    Item five is what just came to mind and I wanted to add to the list.