The "Epsilon Pi" Vexillum

In another world, where Constantine converted to Epicureanism ...

This comes from me trying to come up with an alternative to the "Chi-Ro" (XP) christogram.

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  • That is great!!! I'm a fan of "What if?" historical scenarios. I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the lost possibility, but definitely left a <3 as a reaction.

    One idea for the monogram I had as I was reading: I know you were going for the classic xi-rho style, but could you incorporate the pi into the episilon more, really go alternative history? Maybe make it look like an Ε with three main stems on the left, the "legs" of the Π extending below the bottom of the Ε on either side of the Ε's "back"? Sorry for the convoluted description.

    IIIΞ something like that with the Ξ overlapping the ΙΙΙ?

    Thanks for this "what if?"!!!

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