New Work of Historical Fiction With Epicurean Connections by Christian Luchini - "The Posillipo Enigma"

  • Here is a thread from facebook by Christiano Luchini, the author of this new work.

    I haven't read this and can't yet comment on the content or any aspect of it, but I see Elli is reading it and I will report back on her comments.

    Epicureanism, one of the most important philosophical currents of antiquity, spread to Rome during the first century B.C., thanks to the work of masters such as Lucretius and Philodemus of Gadara. However, Epicurean philosophy found its most suitable environment in Campania, a southern region of Italy, where the beauty of the Gulf of Naples attracted many intellectuals, artists and men of culture.

    I wrote a historical thriller, in English, called "The Posillipo Enigma," set in Naples at the time of the Epicurean School of Naples. Virgil will have to investigate the death of the philosopher Sirone.

    Thanks for the attention.

    Greetings from Napoli, Italy.

    May be an image of the Pantheon



    "The Posillipo Εnigma". It sounds interesting! 🙂

    The word "Enigma" comes from the greek word "Αίνιγμα" [Aenigma] and means something that is difficult to interpret, something that remains a mystery, uncertain, inexplicable, ambiguous, paradoxical, inscrutable. Something that is not obvious!
    IMO the enigma has been solved! It is obvious, and it's given with the one word that is "Posillipo".
    "Posillipo" comes from the greek word "Παυσίλυπον" [Pausílypon], that means "which that ceases sorrow/sadness". What ceases sorrow and sadness? Pleasure, of course, the greatest good! 😉


    Elli Pensa It is very interesting and passionate reflection, but it is not related to my book. Posillipo is first of all a beautiful hilly and scenic place in Naples, a wonderful city in southern Italy. It was named so by the Greeks precisely because of the beauty to contemplate that ceases all fears and sorrows.

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    Elli: Cristiano Luchini hello and joy 🙂

    Yes, I' ve heard for this beautiful place in Naples with the name as Posillipo. However, as an epicurean I got into the point quickly to solve your Enigma. Epicureans like to solve the mysteries and enigmas and whatever is uncertain and foggy. Besides, for epicureans, behind any Enigma only one thing is the obvious: "atoms and the void" 😉


    Here is " The Posillipo Enigma." I am considering writing a series. In the meantime, I started with the first book.


    Cristiano Luchini In your prologue you wrote: "The school of Posillipo and its founder Sirone – a renowned epicurean philosopher - who meets a sudden and mysterious end, and his friend Virgil begins investigating the enigmatic villa and its secrets".

    I will read your book of course, it seems interesting, but in the meantime, I would like to give another probability on who murdered Sirone, the Epicurean philosopher. 🧐
    Well, the murderer was a furious idealist-platonist, like those furious idealists-platonists that chased after Epicurus in the island of Lesbos in the city of Mytilene. Epicurus with his teachings caused unrest to the platonists, so Epicurus run away from there, and before they lynched him. 😛

  • Thanks for this space, Cassius!

    I am planning to write a series of books on "The Posillipo Enigma." You can find the first book here and if you can't download it try through a free VPN app like My IP Hide. You will definitely succeed.

    If you want to know about the historical scope of the book, I recommend reading this article of mine:

    The Posillipo Enigma: un thriller storico che vede protagonista Virgilio
    The Posillipo Enigma: un thriller storico che vede protagonista Virgilio nelle vesti di detective. Misteri e verità nascoste. Indagini tra panorami mozzafiato…

    If you have time and way I would love to receive your questions and comments.

    Thanks again !