Metrodorus On The Importance of A "Strong Constitution of Body"

  • Cicero, in writing against Epicurus, preserves for us (1) confirmation of Epicurus' focus on pleasure as the goal, with virtue being value only as an instrument of pleasure, as the heart of his doctrine, and (2) a statement of Metrodorus emphasizing the importance of a "strong constitution of body" and a "reasonable expectation of continuing" the same. From De Officiis, Peabody translation.…tingso00ciceiala/page/244

  • From the same source, Cicero buries himself deeper! "I affirm that all sensual pleasure is opposed to the right!" Cicero was more of a neo-Platonist than a Stoic, but regardless of his influence this kind of quote serves as a warning against trying to pick and choose among the schools - Epicurus leads in a totally different direction than the others:

  • This reminds me of Michel Onfray's praise of ancient philosophers who rejected Stoicism because they felt that they had to be true to their bodies and wanted to philosophize with their bodies--making the body a token of one's conscience because it represents that which we know with all our being to be true.

    "Please always remember my doctrines!" - Epicurus' last words