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    Excellent painting here on your profile! I suppose if we take the garden, as Cicero says, to have been between the north-west gates and the academy, about a mile and a half from the Acropolis -- then it seems the view would have been rather similar to this, and as Plutarch says, of the areas directly out of Athens, this direction was the most covered in forest.

  • Nate
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    Of all the means which wisdom acquires to ensure
    happiness throughout the whole of life, by far
    the most important is friendship. (Principle Doctrines, 28)

  • Cassius
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    Hello Shahab is saw you visited today. Everything ok with you?

  • Martin
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    Hi Cassius, I finished my comments on Haris' book last night. I thought it best to post at


    but I got an alert that the page does not exist.

    Please advise where I should post my review of the book (not the recent article).

  • WFC
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    never saw the activation email - resend it please

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