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    Hello Shahab is saw you visited today. Everything ok with you?

  • Martin
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    Hi Cassius, I finished my comments on Haris' book last night. I thought it best to post at


    but I got an alert that the page does not exist.

    Please advise where I should post my review of the book (not the recent article).

  • WFC
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    never saw the activation email - resend it please

  • Charles
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    Epicurean Books I have read:

    PD, VS, 4 Letters, Will, Laertius, SF
    Lucretius, Book 4 "Senses"
    Cicero's "On Ends" - Torquatus Chapter
    N. W. DeWitt: "Epicurus and His Philosophy"
    Catherine Wilson: "How to be an Epicurean"
    Stephen Greenblatt: "The Swerve"
    R. D. Hicks: "Stoic and Epicurean" (Epicurean Chapters)
    Dane Gordon & David Suits: "Epicurus: His Continuing Influence and Contemporary Relevance"
    Julian Offray de la Mettrie: "The System of Epicurus" and "Anti-Seneca"
    Frances Wright: "A Few Days in Athens"

  • Lee
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    Cassius, Can I change my profile name to “Lee” ? I now realize that using my initials for my profile name is awkward and impersonal.


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