Perhaps gods don't like humans documenting their miracles.

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  • There's an interesting story on this point related by Christopher Hitchens in God is not Great, which briefly summarizes his involvement in the Mother Teresa Sainthood trial. Hitchens had written disparagingly of the Missionary, and was invited by the Vatican to assume the role of Devil's Advocate in the proceedings (that role having been formally abolished, Hitchens was, as he loved to relate, the first person in history to represent the Devil pro bono).

    At issue was one of the "confirmed miracles" attributed to her—a diffuse and serene light, a "divine light", that had been captured on film in an apparently dim and gloomy room at the house of the dying. Hitchens tracked down and interviewed the photographer, who attributed the "light" to a new and improved type of film recently developed by Kodak.

    She was canonized anyway by the ratification of two "miracles", both of healing—one of which was said to involve this divine light.

    In both cases, the subjects (or more properly patients) had already been seen by doctors and given medical intervention to cure them.

    My point here being that those who wish to find miracles will manage to find them even in a photograph!