Unlimited Journey

Original Image: Ren Man 2010 by Alistair D. Borthwick


"And therefore the greatest good has been grasped by the person who has become wise and lived through a certain amount of time. Once his journey has achieved balance and consistency, it would be fitting to prolong it for an unlimited time, if such were possible; but should his life be limited, this will not be the deprivation of what has already been, but [sc. merely] a prevention of its continued presence." – Philodemus, On Death

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  • I'd suggest being careful about using images that are still under copyright protection (saw the 2010 above) unless you have permission for reuse or create derivative works. I don't know whether Cassius would be liable for any infractions since it's posted to his forum or not, but at least wanted to raise the concern. Cassius is welcome to weigh in since I'm no lawyer.

    • Sorry to see you go. I certainly didn't mean anything personal. You could possibly argue Fair Use for educational purposes. I'll post a link here for everyone that has a nice flowchart when it comes to reusing online images: https://thevisualcommunication…4/can-i-use-that-picture/

    • I wish I were able to give a professional and thorough answer to this but I am still not able to do so. If backed into a corner on what my position is (such as now) I would say that it is my understanding first that this would be fair use, and secondly that even if there were a complaint the offended party is supposed to send a "take-down" notice under the DMCA. Plus I am thinking that like Nate indicated, it is an important factor to observe that no one is making any money off the posting. In this case not only is Nate not making any money, but we charge absolutely nothing for access to the forum.

      I appreciate Don's concerns and knowing his professional background I am confident I know why he made them and that they are made in good faith. And the concerns may have much more urgency to them than I understand - I simply don't have the knowledge to be certain, but what knowledge I do have indicates to me that this is at worst a grey area that would be addressed by take-down if anyone had a concern. At least until I am educated otherwise that's the way I intend to proceed - with fingers crossed that it is a reasonable decision.

    • Sounds like a good plan, Cassius. My reflex is to be overly cautious on these things, but I think your modus operandi is a good middle ground. Thanks!