Virgin Stoic vs Chad Epicurean

Someone in the Discord dropped this image earlier. Got a light chuckle out of me, though I'd fine tune just a little bit of the Epicurean side.

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  • (1) I am betraying my age but I have not been sure that being a "Chad" is always a good thing. Is it? (2) Do you think the person drew this himself/herself? A decent effort! (3) I agree that fine-tuning would be needed, but I will give the person credit for being pretty perceptive already, as the Stoic side is pretty much directly on point, and the Epicurean side is pretty decent, with an obvious tension in the "listens ONLY to his natural and necessary desires" as against several of the others. A person who gets this far is eventually going to get better at handling the "natural and necessary" categories so as to avoid the seeds of Stoicism. Sounds to me like a person who is well on their way to being a strong Epicurean.

    On the Stoic side the graphic properly puts "reason" in quotes. We still need work on words that more precisely convey "dialectical logic" and "abstract logic divorced from empirical foundations" etc. I think Lucretius uses "true reason" and that's helpful but the negative form ("false reason"?) doesn't seem clear in modern terminology.

    • It's sort of a new thing from late 2018 - early 2019 where "Chads" were being faced against "Virgins", the former taking hold as something superior. As for the drawing, the overall shape of the characters is based off a template where the meme originated but the detailing and clothing/hair were from the original artist. I later found this online on reddit in a subreddit dedicated to these memes.

      I agree that it might need some fine-tuning but it took me by surprise when I first came across it.

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