Epictetus - Smudge The Cat Meme

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  • I love this.

  • The smug cat meme is a rather recent one. I cropped over Epictetus' face over the shouting woman, the meme is meant to convey the "person" on the left yelling in frustration at the cat. Whereas the cat sits there confused and unbothered by the accusations or yelling antics.

    This one is based on Chapter 7, Book 3 of Epictetus' Discourses in which he strawmans the hell out of a governor (often translated as administrator, magistrate/judge, or bailiff), convincing him to stop being an Epicurean. I made this one in order to convey the foolishness of Epictetus.


  • Charles I have seen this meme but not yet investigated its background. As I hope this website stays around for many years, would you mind saying a word about the background of these people and cat? The Epicurean "governor?"