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  • There are more worse things/historical facts than this. In the island that I was born and next to my home there are the remains of a huge byzantine church that is called Saint Kerkyra. In that church there is an epigram that is inscribed by a famous bishop, which says boldly showing the power and the scorn of the christians against the Greeks, and greek wisdom, as well as that epigram shows with what huge servility the bishops are behave to the powers in general.

    The epigram says :

    "Having a royal faith of my forces

    as a co-worker, to you, Oh God, I build this holy church.

    After I destroyed the temples and altars of the Greeks,

    I, Jovian from a humble hand as a gift to the King".

  • Very true! A true god will never get mad. However, I haven't reached godhood yet, and when I think about how an Epicurean who was concerned about his/her friends would view the destruction of the temples of my ancestors, I think they would be pretty angry, as scenes like this make me too!