Epicurus College - T-shirt design

This is a possible t-shirt design...just to build up the team spirit!

I'd like to see us start up an "Epicurus 101 - Seven Week Course" (based on the 7 Steps) and maybe we could run it on Wednesday evenings after we finish up with the Vatican Sayings. Plus thinking perhaps there is a way to have both beginning and advanced reading, so that both new students and long time students can participate at the same time.

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  • Maybe there could be a printable little "diploma" after completing the course and participating in discussions :)

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  • I'm planning on rushing Epsilon Pi Iota.

    • "E" for Epicurus? "P" for philosophy? What is "I" for ?

    • I incorporate those as an Epicurean equivalent of a Christogram that uses the first letters of our Savior's name: EPI Symbol

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