Signet-Style Ring, Silhouette of Epicurus

My first attempt to design a ring in Blender.

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  • Looks good!

    Rhino 3D has some plug-ins specifically for jewelry design. Idk if they're available with the free trial but might be worth looking into. Or not.

    • Thank you @Godfrey, I believe Blender has a jewelry add on as well.

      Shapeways will take custom .stl files and print them in preparation for lost-wax casting, so once I get a design I like and that meets their minimum thickness requirements I'll upload it to them and get an estimate.

      I'd prefer to have the profile of Epicurus modeled in Cameo relief rather than cut in intaglio silhouette, but that is beyond my skill at the moment. Good thing I have a four day weekend!

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