Happy Holidays!

"Moreover, in his letter to Polyaenus [Epicurus] says that one should join in the celebration of the festival of the Anthesteria. For one must remember...” (U157; Philodemus, On Piety, Vol. Herc. 2, II.75, 25 [p. 105 Gomperz; Obbink I.30.865)

"And not only did he teach these things but also by his very deeds [Epicurus] is found to have taken part in all the traditional festivals and sacrifices. In the archonship of Aristonymus {289-288 B.C.}, for instance, writing to Phyrson about a countryman of his, Theodotus, he says that he shared in all the festivals" (U169; Philodemus, On Piety, Vol. Herc. 2, II.109, 3 [p. 127 Gomperz; Obbink I.28.785)