Extraterrestrial Gods 1

NASA ID Number AC75-2621 by David Brandt-Erichsen


"Epicurus thought of gods as blessed, everlasting living creatures located outside the visible world [...] the gods are 'animals'...." (Death and Immortality in Ancient Philosophy, 72)

"...[a] god is an indestructible and blessed animal..." (Letter To Menoeceus translated by L. P. Gerson)

“...the gods are immortal extraterrestrials...” (Epicureanism, 156)

“Epicurus himself calls god a living being and says that the gods exist […] Lucretius, Cicero, and Philodemus, who are the main surviving sources for Epicurean theology, agree that the gods are a specially privileged extraterrestrial life-form. It would be extraordinary if all three had misunderstood Epicurus teaching on such an important matter. (On the Nature of Things, translated by M. F. Smith, xxix)