Session 3 of DeWitt Book Discussion

Session 3 - Focusing on Chapter 2. This event is an informal Text/Voice chat to discuss Norman DeWitt's "Epicurus and His Philosophy." If you're not familiar with the book, it is described here:…curus-and-his-philosophy/

The event will be held at Discordapp at this address:…531266/392665660091531268

When you arrive at that location look to the left column, scrolling down if necessary to find them and click on both DeWitt-Book-EAHP-Meeting Text Channel and DeWitt-Book-EAHP-Meeting Voice Channel.

Comments 1

  • Several of our key participants have indicated they they have had conflicts develop, so I think we should probably reschedule this official discussion of Session 3 /Chapter 2 until we can find a better date and time. To do justice to anyone who has already planned to attend and can still make it, I will be sure to be online myself at the appointed time (three hours from now) and conduct a chat with anyone who is able to attend. We'll talk and then reschedule the official session for a later date.