International festival of philosophy phil. Cologne 2021

The international festival of philosophy phil. Cologne is schedules for September 2 - September 8:

The "international" is quite exaggerated because the program indicates that all events are held in German language.

Most of the events are on current problems and overlap more or less with politics.

Most events cost up to 19 Euros, so attending several will become costly. Even on-line attendance needs payment.

None of the events appear interesting enough for me to attend. Epicurus is not even mentioned in the program but might very well be mentioned by some presenters. (I had to use the not fitting category "Epicurean Events" to get the post submitted.)

Among the many presenters, Richard David Precht is the only philosopher with whose name I am familiar.

Let me know before September 2 if you see something of particular interest in the program. I might reconsider to attend and report about it here.