Creating "Blog Articles" Here At

Creating "Articles" Here At

One of the abilities of the forum software is that it handles the publishing of longer "Articles" that can then be tagged and featured for various uses around the site, such as on the home page, where they will receive greater attention than standard Forum posts. This feature is intended to be reserved for articles of a longer and more enduring significance than regular forum posts, such as those featured at present, which focus on significant academic articles.

A full list of articles by category and arranged by date is also found on the main "Blog" page.

If you see yourself wishing to publish regular and significant article-length items which promote Epicurean philosophy, and you don't have your own website, or would simply like to see your articles featured here, please send a private message to one of the administrators to discuss that.

Please note that we want to reserve this feature only to articles which are consistent with the terms of use of the website, and which focus exclusively on some core aspect of Epicurean philosophy. We also want to use this section especially for articles which are geared toward exploring and explaining some aspect of the ancient Epicurean texts, which are much more detailed than regular forum posts, and which are appropriate to promote further interest in participating in this online Epicurean community.

We'll eventually set up an approval process for what to include in this category and how to mark them as "Featured" for the front page, but for now just let us know if you have something that you think would be good to include in our Epicurean-focused community.