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    Welcome, lulucarpet ! This is a very interesting place to hang out. I was curious at first, but as I learn more here, I am increasingly impressed with this Epicurus fellow. Enjoy investigating this forum. Feel free to post questions or comments.

    Scott 8):thumbup:

    Very interesting, thanks for that, Don. I love how the concept of home is so expansive (even in English). It is at once thought of as the place I live, with my immediate family, but also wherever I feel I "belong". That can be quite large. Sometimes even as large as Everything. For me it was a kind of eureka moment when I one day felt that I "belonged" to the entirety of Everything. This was not an intellectual understanding - of COURSE I belong to "all that is". Obviously. It was an EXPERIENCE - that has never left me. And now I feel a great peace. I am unruffled if someone says there is more than our Universe, or Time and Being can stop and start again, or go away forever (to where?) or a god created the Universe, etc. I chuckle with good humor inside, because if there is a god, or some crazy ways the Universe organizes itself and flexes in unfathomable ways, or if it is all somehow intangible dreamlike stuff that only seems to be "physical", still all this is subsumed under the "All" that I call the Ocean of Everything. I'm Home.

    I do not feel like I understand the physics of "all that is", which perhaps Epicurus DID feel due to his philosophy of physics, but I wonder if perhaps he felt a sense of belonging with it as I do because, one can, in different ways, have a coming to terms with it. A point at which the Everything is no longer alien. It's my place. It's Home. For both Epicurus and me, in our own ways, there is nothing "outside" of the Universe that can make it alien. We're Home!

    τὸ πᾶν

    I've seen it translated as:

    the sum of all things
    the sum total of all things
    the universe as a whole
    the whole of being

    it could be translated The All or The Whole. It could also be translated as The Everything Everywhere. The word really encapsulates for me the elegance and succinct nature of the original classical Greek.

    I have used totus mundus: the whole world.

    kosmos: “Pythagoras is said to have been the first to apply this word to "the universe," perhaps originally meaning "the starry firmament," but it later was extended to the whole physical world, including the earth.”

    Well, what a romp! Thanks to Nate for bringing this old thread back to life! Else I would have never noticed it.

    The above quotes and all the other discussion of this concept was a fun surprise for me. I don't know Greek at all, but this idea is one that is very significant to me. The English word "Universe" has become too "small" in some ways - as mentioned by Cassius I believe - what with all the "alternate" universes and multiverses, etc. So I started using the term "Ocean of Everything", by which I meant to capture ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, including all those multiverses or whatever is out there. In this idea for me, there is nothing that is NOT captured by it. The physical, the intangible, and if there were gods or other "supernatural" things, those would still fall under this term. It's all part of the Ocean, for me.

    I use this term in my daily meditations (which I modified a bit recently to make an attempt at my personal version of EP). For me the concept is important because this "Everything" or whatever it is called, is Home for all of us. We can never leave it, and we have always been in it. All of Time and Being fall under it. And for a while, we have been fortunate enough that some star dust came together into a patterned form we call being alive. And yet further, as humans, aware of our being here! What could be more amazing and fabulous than this, our Home? Isn't it wonderful to be Home? Always? ^^ <3

    if we aren't every day in awe, we aren't paying attention

    An attempt anyway, at:

    "My Epicureanism"

    -it may be a bit "off"

    I. Physics


    How I "live" between quotation marks

    so glad there comes the chance

    to be a wave in this amazing Ocean of EVERYTHING!

    "i" am always Home

    always have been

    always will be

    breathing, the Ocean and "i" share, right now

    not breathing, we still share (everything!)



    how exciting!

    the Ocean needs "me"!

    to say that:


    all day

    II. Epistemology:


    How the heck am “i” supposa no?

    "i" can always learn more

    Hallelujah is NOT just

    an eXclaim!

    is a challenge

    to make meaning(s)

    tug it outta worm dirt-

    and lexicons!

    work! work work!

    III. Ethics:


    Whats for dinner?


    may there be happiness, joy and fun

    may suffering fade

    may worry be put aside

    may there be kindness

    may there be good friends

    may there be laughter

    may there be rejoicing in the well being of others

    (slow down, will ya? there's only a little left)

    may there be great compassion

    may there be wisdom

    may there be gratitude, in all directions

    none but one of these are allowed

    to be small


    (aka "hell YES")

    all day

    all days

    rinse, repeat

    until smiling. with no breathing

    "i" always like Ethics best :)

    Welcome, DrNandita ! I hope you find this forum interesting and informative. I am also pretty new here but I have learned a lot in a short time. Fascinating philosophy, this!



    Welcome to the EF forum, jgiro ! Lots of Interesting ideas and discussions here! We have all kinds of folks - from scholarly people who can read ancient Greek &/or Latin, to ordinary guys like me just interested in learning about this Epicureanism thing. Everyone is friendly.

    Jump in ...and have fun!


    Congrats, Don ! So glad you are here. You totally raise the bar to a NUTHA level!

    Yes Cassius no broadcast notifications go out on this kind of thing. (I found this fact out early, when no one congratulated me on my 1 week EF anniversary ;) )

    HBD to you, Jasper Sky !

    You're at such a great place to learn and share about Epicureanism. Please feel free to post any ideas and questions you have. From your "About Me" profile section, it seems you would likely have LOTS you could share.

    Glad to have you here!


    To all contributors to this thread (including Kalosyni and Godfrey, but most especially Don, Nate & Cassius): I'm going to delete this post after leaving it up long enough for you to read it, because I'm not adding anything of substance here and I don't want to clutter things up. I only wanted a way to say I continue to be deeply impressed and am SUPER excited to see where this thread has been going! It "feels" like Epicurus is really being uncovered and his voice is becoming possible to hear even though he must speak to us through the accumulated dust of so many centuries and translations and a whirling dervish of individuals and idioms and tropes and cultural paradigms. This is the kind of detective work that the academy should be doing but it seems that to date has been done so much less than is needed, and I just can't imagine how you do this level of work - and keep up your "day jobs"!!! :huh: :) :S Thank you so much for all your incredibly valuable contributions to understanding EP in this thread (AND in all the others!). This is such a significant and insightful philosophy with such potential to add sanity to the world, and it's so very unfortunate that besides the great sense of satisfaction you must enjoy from this work, there is no other award you earn more than some trophy icons in the EF! ?( X/  :rolleyes:

    I just can't thank enough. I wish there were a glorious host of supernatural angels to applaud from heaven! :)

    Bowing low,


    Welcome Marabrabant to a most interesting philosophy discussion forum! I'm pretty new here myself and am really enjoying learning about EP. It is not as well known as many other philosophies, but is very unique and I think, refreshing!!! Enjoy! :)

    we have found that Epicurus uses a variety of cases, tenses, and inflections of AΓAΘOΣ (or "good") to describe pleasant things, instrumental actions, a noble standard, a category of virtues, and an expression of pleasure. The abundance of this term leads to a cultural and linguistic displacement of "the Good" from its Platonic throne. It becomes reduced it to a frank, non-technical meaning, usually indicating either as "a pleasant thing", "that which is pleasant", or "pleasantness".

    I don't know as much as you do about this, Nate (and Don ...and many others in this forum!) but I would hope the above is correct regarding Epicurus. Trying to lock down a term like "Summum Bonum" / "Greatest Good" or "The Most Important Thing" etc is something that doesn't resonate with what I "feel" from Epicurus and EP. Even the term pleasure is referencing something with variation and nuance beyond what that word can capture. It is possible to focus to much on terminology. I mean I realize one has to be clear, but one can also spend too much time on it. At the end of the day, it seems to me the EP life should be measured by its practical results in a person, not in the beauty or consistency of its philosophical terminology or even its rationality .