Updating Trophy System

  • Just an fyi...today I am in the process of updating the trophy system, so you will all see some new ones popping up :)

  • This trophy update will also make it easier to manage membership and follow through with deleting members who are both inactive and have not completed their first post.

  • Just in case anyone is curious about the progress on the trophy system update...I have this morning turned off all trophies except for "Active Member".

    The old trophy system had:

    -- "New member in the last 30 days" (however the "suitcase" icon would remain indefinitely so the setting wasn't working).

    -- 10 posts trophy

    --100 posts trophy

    --1000 posts trophy

    Discovered that the system uses the logic "greater than" so it was actually set at 11, 101, 1001.

    And this morning since I had assigned a special color trophy for each level, I wanted turn off the earlier trophy and only display the highest level award....I didn't use the right field for it, and decided to turn off all the trophies, except for the "Active Member" - which even though I entered "1" it uses the "greater than" logic. If I enter "0" then everyone would get the award (even those who have not made any posts). Of course I could test this out...but then it may re-issue a whole new bunch of trophies.


    Edit: We now have a "Frequent Contributor" trophy, and this will be all the changes for now.