Source of VS12 (PD17) in Vatican manuscript

  • VS12 = PD17 however, it appears the two are not identical in their phrasing., 402r


    The typical rendering of PD17 is:

    ὁ δίκαιος ἀταρακτότατος, ὁ δʼ ἄδικος πλείστης ταραχῆς γήμων.

    One who acts aright is utterly steady and serene, whereas one who goes astray is full of trouble and confusion.

    However, this saying in the Vatican manuscript includes a couple "extra" words (like βιος "life") then also goes right into the next Vatican saying, here underlined:

    ὁ δίκαιος βιος ἀταρακτότατος, ὁ δε ἄδικος πλείστης ταραχῆς γήμων (VS13 starts here) ων ? σοφια πρασ...and so on until the end of the line ending with what appears to be μακαριοτ...??

    With the inclusion of "life" is seems like an alternative translation would being "Τhe just life..."

    See VS13 for more on this.