An Epicurean Journey into Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

  • Here is a new blog post I just created, on weight loss and healthy eating. I quote the following Vatican Sayings:

    54. Do not pretend to love and practice wisdom, but love and practice wisdom in reality; for we need not the appearance of health but true health.

    59. The stomach is not insatiable, as most people say; instead the opinion that the stomach needs unlimited filling is false.

    68. Nothing is enough to one for whom enough is very little.

    69. The ingratitude of the soul makes a creature greedy for endless variation in its way of life.

    71. Ask this question of every desire: what will happen to me if the object of desire is achieved, and what if not?


    You can find practical tips on weight loss and healthy eating on

    my blog post: "An Epicurean Journey into Weight Loss"