General Discussion of PD09

  • Here is my own wording on PD9:

    "Because the pleasures are of differing lengths in time, and occur spread out through time and in differing parts of the body, this is why they feel different from each other."

    Yet I still think that there is an implication that the underlying sensation of pleasure is the same for all types of pleasure inducing stimulus - the only thing that varies is the intensity, the duration, and the part of the body that feels the pleasure.

  • Can never go wrong to bring up Nate 's masterful compilation of the PDs:

  • Absolutely right to link to Nate's text whenever possible. What you're seeing in some posts going on now is an attempt to reorganize and make it easier to find the forum threads on the individual doctrines such as this one. I added a new link under the "special resources" section on the first place, as currently it's probably not highlighted well enough that these are available. We have the lists of texts under the "Texts" menu, but it's not easy to find the individual forum threads, and we want to avoid too much detail being put in the "comments" section of each doctrine in the "Lexicon." I am trying to add a notice to that effect under each doctrine such as you see now in PD09, but I am afraid that leaves 39 to go and I don't have the time to add those immediately to every Doctrine, Saying, and Fundamental. Will get that done when I can.