June 15, 2022 Open Invitation Epicurean Zoom Meeting

  • The image in this week's meeting announcement is Bacchus by Italian painter Caravaggio, painted in 1598.

    I thought it was fitting for Principle Doctrine 8:

    "No pleasure is bad in itself; but the means of paying for some pleasures bring with them disturbances many times greater than the pleasures themselves." (Monadnock)

  • Quote


    For good reason!

    Dionysus was thought for a very long time to be an Eastern import into the Greek pantheon. His mythological birthplace was Mt. Nysa, which was sometimes said to be in India.

    Apparently modern scholarship and the discovery of certain references in Linear-B has led to a rethinking of this claim. I didn't know that part. Some very recent books still talk about him as a foreign and exotic god.

  • I should be able to make it this week! I had another zoom group right before this one on Wednesdays that I've decided to back out of as I didn't want to spend my entire Wednesday evening on zoom, and my Epicurean studies are more important to me.

  • My own wording on PD9:

    "Because the pleasures are of differing lengths in time, and occur spread out through time and in differing parts of the body, this is why they feel different from each other."

  • Yes we discussed the murkiness of PD09 last night. Anyone else who has a current take on the meaning of PD09 is welcome to join in here. I think Kalosyni is right that there is an "ultimate point" which the doctrine is making beyond the words that are on the paper.

    I am not even sure that i have seen many articles on this topic but we need good review of it:

    PD09 - Epicureanfriends.com