History and Culture of Early Epicureans: Ancient Greece and Rome

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    Mead is having a bit of a renaissance lately. I must say I enjoy a glass every once in awhile and we have some excellent meadery establishments in the area including:

    Order Online | Feisty Mead

    Meadery | Cleveland,OH | Western Reserve Meadery
    Western Reserve Meadery, a Cleveland, OH Meadery making a variety of mead styles (honey wines). Dry meads, sweet mead, sparkling mead, melomels and metheglins.…

    The BottleHouse Brewery is an GABF award winning, community centric brewery, meadery and cidery. Focusing on barrel aged sours, real cider and artisanal mead.…

    I'm sure nothing surpasses Joshua 's homemade, balloon-pinhole method, but they all do a good job! :)

  • I didn't know where to post this. I found this artist's rendering of a facial reconstruction of Epicurus by Allesandro Tomassi. He's apparently done others as well. (

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    Alessandro Tomasi on Twitter:

  • Thanks, Kalosyni !

    For completeness, I'm going to post the maza recipe that author links to in that article too:

    Ancient Recipe: Maza (Ancient Greek, ca. 2nd millennium BCE)
    “My maza comes to me from my spear, from my spear comes my Ismarian wine, and I drink while leaning on my spear.” ~ the Greek warrior-poet Archilochus explains…

    The significance is that that is the *exact* word Epicurus uses in the (in)famous "bread and water" statement in the letter to Menoikeus.

    PS: I'm still trying to find barley flour to be able to try the maza recipe :)

  • Comes from my spear...? Meaning what?

    It means he gains his bread and wine through his military exploits. He earns them by means of his military prowess.

    The Swiss Army Spear
    Archilochus Fr. 2 (West) Thanks to the spear I’ve got kneaded barley cake, And thanks to the spear Ismarian wine too. And so I recline and drink, thanks to the…

  • Quote

    It means he gains his bread and wine through his military exploits. He earns them by means of his military prowess.

    Somewhat similar to the phrasing used in the film Troy;


    Nestor: How many battles have we won off the edge of his sword? This will be the greatest war the world has ever seen. We need the greatest warrior.

  • Barley Pita Bread
    When many think of Greek Food, they think of pita bread.  In truth, the Ancient Greeks enjoyed all sorts of breads, both flat and formed, but I thought it…

    Okay, this one looks interesting. Not sure how "ancient" it is with yeast and wheat flour, but this is what I have in mind to try with the other recipes

  • I‘ve to admit, it all looks incredibly tasty… I think that I have a few good ideas for college. Thanks :)

  • Ancient Honey Cakes! And Birthday Cakes!

    Excerpt from a website with a recipe (but this one has nuts):

    Logic might have it that honey cakes very well could have been eaten at the monthly 20th celebrations? Just an idea that is fun to think about. I do wonder if there are recipes without the nuts.

  • This recipe looks interesting, but I would guess this is a modern version of honey cake (no nuts). I like how she says it is good with coffee or tea, and you just make it an call some friends over, lol.

    Greek Honey Cake
    Simple and extra moist Greek honey cake! Honey Cake Watch the Video My extra moist Greek honey cake is light, sweet, and has a lot of honey flavor. Orange zest…