7 Gamelion (Mon., 10 Jan): Happy Birthday, Epicurus!

  • Well he just started a thread saying that Epicurus' birthday is MONDAY, right, so that settles it for us doesn't it? Maybe we should lock the thread and declare January 10 the final answer? :)

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    What is the food?

    To me, it seems like пряники-- gingerbread, although I could be mistaken. By the way, I'm going to get myself one now. Cheers!

  • I made a "Mexican Wedding Cookies" recipe, and made them with hazelnuts and almond butter. (Next time will experiment with adding some spices like anise).


    Also referred to as Mexican wedding cakes, these buttery cookies originated outside of Mexico. Their creation has been traced back to medieval Arab baking that predominantly featured ingredients like butter, sugar, spices and nuts. As trade routes began to broaden, these sweet confections made their way from the Middle East to all parts of Europe.

    Historians believe that the recipe migrated to Mexico by way of European nuns or Spanish conquistadors in the Americas in the 16th century. Traditionally, these sweet cookies are made with finely chopped nuts like walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts or almonds, though this can vary depending on the recipe’s origins.

    According to Pastry & Baking Arts Chef-Instructor Norma Arellano-Salazar, these popular cookies are also called snowballs or pecan sandies on the East Coast of the United States, as they resemble snow or sand thanks to their powdered-sugar dusting. Some even refer to them as Russian tea cookies. Yet, speculation indicates that in the 1950s, the name changed to Mexican wedding cake or cookies in the U.S. to diverge from any Cold War context due to the strained relations with Russia at the time.