Ologies episode on Eudemonology

  • https://www.alieward.com/ologies/eudemonology

    Ologies is a fun, informal, eclectic podcast that I listen to when the topics interest me. I was aware of Dr. Laurie Santos, director of the Happiness Lab at Yale, instructor of the Happiness course in Coursera, and currently the go-to expert on research on happiness and positive psychology. I don't always find her compelling but feel it's important to keep up with the research to see where it parallels or echoes Epicurean philosophy. I also found the title of the episode attention-getting: Eudemonology - the study of eudaimonia.

    You're welcome to listen to the whole episode but I found the section from 1:06:20 to the end surprisingly reminiscent of the Epicurean idea of seeking pleasure. Dr. Santos calls it delight, but to me she's saying "Train yourself to look for what brings you pleasure."

    At 1:09:58, they talk about how we can be happy with so much "bad" stuff happening in the world. We've talked about this elsewhere on the forum, so I found this interesting as well.