Alternate Translations

  • All who have the ability to arrange for themselves the greatest security from those who live around them live most pleasantly with each other because they have the most consistent assurance. Also, having received a complete friendship,

    they do not morn the prior demise of who has past as though it is a cause for regret.

    το βЄβαιοτατον πιcτωμα “the most certain guarantee” we live pleasantly with each other both because of the practical benefits of communal living and having a shared understanding of natural science.

    πληρЄcτατην “fullest” πληρέστερος–πληρεστάτη–πληρέστατον: most complete, superlative of πλήρης–πλήρης–πλήρες: full, filled; satisfied. οικЄιοτητα “familiarity” ἡ οἰκειότης–τῆς οἰκειότητος: co-living, connection, friendship, intimacy.

    Up for any critiques, particularly regarding my rendering of απολαβοντЄc.

    Mελετᾶν οὖν χρὴ τὰ ποιοῦντα τὴν εὐδαιμονίαν.

    It is necessary to study what produces wellbeing.