Episode Seventy-One - The Formation Of the World (Our Part of the Universe)

  • That list we discussed in Latin:

    intervalla vias conexus pondera plagas

    concursus motus turbabat proelia miscens


    intervals, connections, weights, strokes, unions, and motions, and kept them so continually at war,

    Google translate:

    Intervals between these ways weights blows

    emotional disturbance mixing melee battles

    For different shapes and various shapes;


    intervallum n (genitive intervallī); second declension

    - The open space within the vallum of a camp or between palisades or ramparts.

    - interval, distance

    - interval of time, pause, intermission

    - difference

    - (music) interval


    via f (genitive viae); first declension

    - road, street, path

    - highway

    - way, method, manner, mode

    - the right way

    - (figuratively) journey, course, route


    cōnexus (conn- ), ūs, m. conecto,

    I.a joining together, combination, connection (several times in Lucr., elsewh. rare), Lucr. 3, 556; Vitr. 10, 1, 5.—In plur., Lucr. 1, 634; 2, 726; 2, 1020; 5, 443.


    pondus n (genitive ponderis); third declension

    - weight

    - weight of a pound

    - heaviness, weight of a body

    - load, burden

    - quantity, number, multitude

    - consequence, importance

    - (of character) firmness, constancy


    plāga f (genitive plāgae); first declension

    - plague, misfortune

    - stroke, blow, cut, strike

    - wound, gash, injury


    concursus (feminine concursa, neuter concursum); first/second-declension participle

    - flocked

    - concurred

    - coincided


    mōtus (feminine mōta, neuter mōtum); first/second-declension participle

    - moved, stirred, disturbed, having been moved

    - aroused, excited, begun, inspired, having been aroused

    - troubled, concerned, tormented, having been troubled