Search Engine Optimization

  • Today I changed the title of the home page from the "Here our highest good is pleasure..." to a generic "The Epicurus and Epicurean Philosophy Discussion Forum" in hopes that this will help make discovery of the forum easier on search engines.

    I also will experiment further with a little google targeted advertising to see if we can increase our findability to those who might be looking for us.

    I will probably create a graphic for the right sidebar to preserve the "Here our highest good..." phrase on the home page.

    Suggestions on these kinds of things are always welcome.

  • I have also signed up for another 30 day test run using Google search ads. The limit of characters is very small, so this is the best I have come up with so far, and what is running right now on searches for Epicurus and Epicurean:

  • For a test, I just googled epicurus on my phone. After hitting "more results" four times we still hadn't shown up.

    When I googled epicurean, New Epicurean showed up on the 3rd "more results" ? but no Epicurean Friends.

    Not sure if it matters, but I've got Google set to not store my searches. This, I think, would make my searches similar to someone who is doing a first time search for Epicurus or Epicurean.

  • Thanks Godfrey. In the past I didn't focus on publicity because I was not sure we had things organized properly and I didn't want to publicize our growing pains. At this point I think we've made a lot of progress, and I would not be embarrassed for people to see the current state of the forum, so I think it's time to get serious about publicity. ;)