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    Thanks Don for all the info and links. I'll look at the options.

    Cassius, I have been debating how much time to devote to studying the languages at this point. I definitely will compare the various translations you mention and not rely on a single one but also would like to have a general sense of how the actual words and structure relate to the translations (btw my BA and MA are in Linguistics). "General sense" is certainly vague but I'm just starting to immerse myself in all that is or could be involved (and had not even considered the usefulness of statutory construction skills).

    Thanks Cassius and Martin!

    Cassius, I appreciate that you had a list of main reading recommendations -- I've ordered all (other than those on on the site) and should get DeWitt today as well as the Diogenes Laertius biography. Also, good to be alerted to Cicero's anti-Epicurean lawyer arguments -- I'll look for them now.

    Would you and/or Martin have any recommendations for Greek and Latin introductions or grammars. It's been decades since I studied either language.

    Thank you Cassius for the welcome! I'm glad I came across this site when I was looking for sources on Epicurus and Lucretius that I could not find on Amazon or from other booksellers.

    I'm a retired lawyer and now have the time to focus on areas that have long interested me. In recent months I've been studying Ancient Greek Philosophy and already have learned much from going through just a few of the sources on this great site. I'm looking forward to learning more and participating.