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    I'd like to add an observation in relation to the great stink, mentioned by Joshua in this episode regarding disease and plagues.

    The importance of Edwin Chadwick and his role to resolve cholera in London at that time is missing in the equation (unless I missed it myself when listening, sorry Joshua if that's the case).

    He was the main character to develop drainage and sewerage. The river Thames was not the only problem, my understanding is that people used to walk on excrement, so cholera killed thousands of Londoners.

    Therefore, it was an urban solution applied to public health. I admire EC, and I thought he should be considered in this particular debate as well, that's all.


    Hi Cassius.

    It's been a while since I came across this forum, as a consequence of listening to the podcast.

    I just want to say that I continue listening every week on my way back home, as well as I keep reading On the nature of things. I'd say I reached 60% of the book and 60% of the podcast, proxy. Slowly but surely.

    And here's my perception: I do enjoy it. It's the perfect companion for the book, without doubts.

    I do find it very useful, sometimes to clarify concepts. I became familiar with the voices, that's positive. I noticed the participation of new panellists in the latest podcasts. Sometimes I disagree with details, sometimes I wonder what are they talking about? Overall, it makes me think harder about what I am reading, that's the main point.

    So thank you Cassius and the panel for the effort, and I appreciate the fact that you don't give up during difficult times.

    I am pretty sure there will be more people listening to the podcast in the future.

    I can't wait for the breakthrough in youtube!

    Thanks a lot mate.

    I'm interested to know how you discovered it -- by using a podcast app to search for Lucretius, or what?

    Yes, using iVoox platform. I am currently listening a podcast related to Portuguese language. I didn't search for Lucretius in particular, I discovered by chance. I bought 'On the nature of things' recently. Then, I noticed that you mention this forum in the introduction of the episodes. Domino effect online, I think (maybe an incorrect observation here).

    Hi Cassius. Thank you, glad to be here.

    I discovered your podcast by chance, just after exploring Lucretius' book. I decided to learn more in depth about epicurean ideas, as I am in tune with them in many respects. I do enjoy the podcast, by the way.

    I live in Britain, although my first language is Spanish. So I smile every time you people discuss about different translations and interpretations. fascinating!

    I don't feel confident to participate yet, but I am sure this is the right place to keep learning about this subject (apart of the podcast). Great forum. Thanks.