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    I think the popularity of Stoicism is largely a part of ignorance. I didn't even know about Epicureanism until I started seriously studying Epictetus. His own issues with it made me really curious about Epicureanism... and here I am today.

    When I read social media posts of Stoics bashing Epicureanism I do see a decent set of people showing how they have it wrong. I still think Stoic methods of being indifferent to *select* things to be very useful, but to me it really misses the point of life, and due to its religious foundation I expect it'll become less and less popular among humanists and scientists.

    I was just considering starting an Epicurean meetup group since I don't use Facebook or any other platform for meeting likeminded folks. I notice the last post here is from 2018, and wondering if anybody had better results since then. I've had mixed results with others meetups I've organized in the past.

    I found my new job with it, chat with former co-workers, and do networking with it, and follow a couple interesting people/groups. I'm inclined say it isn't a *huge* spam generator, but I'd be splitting hairs since there's certainly some spam on it.

    Sadly, like Facebook et al, there's no shortage of BS political arguing and dogma.

    I was also going to suggest trademarking the name if it's a concern...

    I suggest that good ettiquette is if you start a group somewhere you can feature a link back to this site so it has a good SEO score.

    As for other sites, I use linkedin for networking, and think it'd be a good place to post Epicurean advice relative to our professions.