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    ???!!! Oh, my...could he have changed his mind at some point or did I get someone else's advice mixed up with his?!

    Children are NOT simple!

    I want to marry, but still wonder if I'd be lucky enough to have a simple happy marriage...I am convinced most people do NOT.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Part of my own criticism of Epicurus was that it is part of human nature to have sex and/or need physical affection/touch. i felt like denial of it might not be missed by some, but might break others. This topic is plaguing me right now in my own life.

    this subject is what I came to this site for...practical things, not just ideological. And it is empty.

    I haven't eaten mammals or fowl for 33 years or so, but 2 years ago went vegan. i try to eat whole foods plant-based/WFPB (low oil). i try to be as minimalist as my current budget will allow, but have more items to eliminate once I find suitable replacements...and I love Marie Kondo's saying, "If it doesn't spark joy, get rid of it". I used to grow some produce, but now live in a metro area. I hope to do edible landscaping again.

    I love pets, but am no longer sure this i true simplicity. But, i am single, so I think a pet helps me with health. I am human and need affection and someone to care for. When my 12 year old dog passes away, I may not replace least until the next stray comes along. I struggle in this area: what is and isn't my duty and when does caring for a pet become self-sacrifice. Case-by-case, I guess. My current dog is a breeze, but some pets aren't.

    I mostly stopped wearing make-up, fingernail polish (i do my toes, though), and gave away (grudgingly) all of my high heels.

    I've tried to minimize my wardrobe, but am working on the drabness of it. Since color brings me joy, I need to incorporate more. The balance between efficiency and the pleasure of that pop of color is hard to obtain as of yet.

    But, i have found the right home color pallet that it simply yet brings a peaceful, pleasant touch of color.

    Back to my diet: because steaming and microwaving retain the most nutrients, color, and taste, this is what I do. it also minimizes Advanced Glycation Endproducts. I am trying to avoid grains for various reasons: addictive, high methionine to lysine ratio, can't grow and clean easily at home, and most require sauces/spreads which add a mess and calories.

    I try to minimize waste, but find zero waste almost prevents joy!

    I use dishes and cookware and other items that have multiple functions.

    I buy socks in packs so that all or most of my socks will match...cheaper and easier to do laundry....if one gets a hole/gets ruined, it'll match others.

    I try to always drive a Honda since I have more of a chance to understand how things under the hood work...vs. having a different make and model each time I buy a car. And, i try to buy quality and ease of maintenance over "bells and whistles".

    I try to avoid A/C, but need heat...depends on where I live. This meaning I need breathable storage areas, so usually open shelves or breathable doors to allow for air flow. I have gotten used to having a mattress or futon on the frame to take up space or that has to moved if i move. All of my belongings can be broken down/unscrewed to move if need be and can be arranged in a few ways...flexibility means buying less stuff.

    I have many pretty airtight jars that can store dry foods....helps with self-sufficiency somewhat, less trips to the grocery store, less electricity used...

    I mostly quit drinking coffee because the clean up (stains) and the rank breath were more of a burden compared to tea.

    All of my linens are in the same color family (light) so can go in one wash. I am struggling with the clothing color pallet...but, now it is mostly darks which can all go in one wash without ruining anything.

    For health reasons, I eat an 'intermittent fat" which is basically NOT a fast at all, but an eating window. I find it can help with simplicity a breakfast, but a soy shake at 10 am, which may be around break time at many jobs...and my last meal is at or just before 6 p.m. I don't like to eat out usually, so this helps with an excuse to not eat out.

    I've mostly kept the same dress/pants size for 40 years or so and this means i may still have some classic styles of well-made clothes from 20+ years ago. My dad taught me that trick....I used to laugh when he's show off his jackets that were 30+ years old and he'd tell me all about getting elbow patches put on them.

    Though I like books, having no A/C makes them difficult to keep, so I try to keep files on flash drives and find it much more efficient than real books (sacrilege, i know).

    I would love any other practical ideas.

    I am not an Epicurean expert and it has been 6 months since I've read his stuff, so correct me if i am wrong: didn't Epicurus also advise against romantic relationships such as marriage?

    You mentioned whether people in this site were happy or not with their childless status, but you neglected to wonder if they are happy about their marital status. this subject has been on my mind a LOT lately and is tearing me up. It might be seen as a practical matter (even though marriage is hardly a necessity), but it was one that I hoped to explore or read more about here.

    Not arguing, is a big issue in a person's life and influences so many aspects of one's life - where you'll live, maybe where you'll work, what your schedule or diet might be like...

    I'm sure there's a thread here somewhere about marriage or significant others and /or sex....i'm a newbie...

    forgot to check my spam folder, but Seahat at Discord reminded me to do so. Charles at Discord asked us to sign in here. I was sent to the Discord group form the Reddit group.

    I read about a few philosophers and liked Epicurus, Nietzsche, and Ayn Rand best....wait, I like the Taoist philosophy best, but find a bit too much "woo", spirituality, and Buddhism in those groups.

    Epicurus seems most practical and I am pursuing his ideas to get practical ways to live.

    I am an INTP and have read that I jibe with SIMPLICITY and I think that is 100% accurate.

    I am not that interested in the history or epistemology of Epicurus. I have other things I want to do with my time. So, I am here hoping to see how others, including the ancients, have made their lives as content and simple as possible.

    There are only one or two things i can't agree with Epicurus on (or maybe just don't have the self-control for....such as having lots of companions around), but over all, his ideas for contentment seem logical to me.

    I am a life long atheist. If I had to, at gun point, chose a religion, I'd chose pantheism. I see a profound beauty in nature. I believe in Infinity and that all life forms are energy that merely morphs into different forms and that thoughts otherwise may be ego- and fear-based.

    I think I have read bits and pieces of your above reading list over the years.

    Less than a year ago, I downloaded, read, and highlighted many great articles on Epicurus (my new favorite way to read), but damaged that flash drive with the files....I will make another...ugh.

    I will probably be cutting and pasting stuff from your sight into such a file....i put my favorite ideas for more frequent reading at the top of such Word docs...i.e., I won't be reading books, just online stuff. i learn better this way...or, at least, keep info more organized and handy.