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    Thanks jbaker! I will start reading DeWitt immediately. I’ll also work through the curriculum you posted. Many thanks

    I was 'afraid' you'd say that! :-) I so wished it was in electronic format, but I'll just have to spring for the hard copy.

    thanks Cassius.

    Without being overly snarky, I'm quite shocked at the level of ignorance of Dougall. I fear it's endemic of broad and shallow learning. It's exactly why I left academia. No offense but my peers were far more worried about being published than having something worth publishing. Philosophy in modern academia has no interest in 'healing'.

    In my elementary understanding, Epicurus specifically said that NOT satisfying some pleasures (and enduring some pains) is necessary for lasting pleasure. In other words, some pleasures shouldn't be satisfied since their satisfaction will bring pain.

    Glad my spidey sense was right on the article.

    LOL! What's funny (not so funny really) is that if I were ignorant about its non sequitors, I might have been turned off from Epicureanism. Much of the 'philosophy and...' series of books is vapid and pandering (and one of my very good friends from college is a regular writer in that series...sorry friend.)

    hi all,

    I've been a casual reader of Epicurus' PD's and Vatican sayings since I was introduced in undergrad philosophy 20 years ago. However, interacting with this group, both here and on FB, has shown me that I've been missing SO much in my cursory readings and that Epicureanism is the lost home I've been yearning for.

    With that in mind, what is the FIRST book I should read? I'm very well versed in philosophical arguments (minored in logic in undergrad and started but never finished a MA/PHD in philosphy), so I'm open to more dense readings. Perhaps there's an Epicurean reading program someone could point me to.



    hi all,

    I ran across this article a while ago. While much of it seemed fairly accurate(to my novice eyes at least), I was immediately struck by how 'wrong' it seemed to say that Epicureanism leads to the hobo life.…picureanism_The_Hobo_Test

    If I'm learning anything, it's that pleasure is the highest good and necessary and natural desires (housing being one) are important to ensuring the future happy state.

    Mr. Dougall seems to have created charicature of Epicureanism that comes off a bit insulting for it's naivete.



    Hi All

    I love the idea of a mentor (in fact would very much welcome one as I learn more). As for dues, I’m certainly not opposed as I think it introduces a bit of ‘ownership’.

    I was a grad assistant doing my MA/PHD in philosophy (never finished for reasons I can share some other time) and we had some guest speakers from different religions/philosophies. Might be an interesting angle along with meetups, etc.

    Very exciting.


    For what it's worth, I completely agree with the direction away from Facebook. I find it a very challenging environment to have meaningful interaction and then be able to review meaningful threads post facto. In fact, this AM I was trying to save all the responses to my question about work stress and was very frustrated.

    Looking forward to learning more and hopefully providing meaningful input myself as I do.