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    hi all,

    I permanently deleted my facebook account 3 weeks ago (NO deactivating does NOT delete your account. You have to search for the actual delete won't find it advertised) and it's the best thing I've done.

    I've been tempted to do it for a long time as I see zero value to it. I finally did it, although I decided to do it prior to the cambridge analytica stuff. That validated my decision. As did revelations of fb harvesting calls and texts. No thanks.


    I very much agree. I also live as simply as is comfortable so I can save adequately for just such an eventuality.

    The beauty of understanding that pleasure can be extravagant experiences but is just as easily achieved with barley cakes and water is that you can enjoy both when it’s appropriate and when it doesn’t cause more pain than pleasure. For me there’s huge value in cultivating simple pleasures as a way to free myself from bondage to others. The cynics had that part right...:-)


    Hey All

    Sorry for my absence. Many things happening all at once at work.

    I think weekends are probably best overall. I thought the chat we did on a Saturday was convenient. However I’ll do my best to make it whenever it is.

    Looking forward to chapt 3.


    Epicurus precisely say and let me quote

    So please find and let us know those fragments that will enlighten us. Or let be enlighten by us by pointing to you what is evident to everybody.

    Evident to you. Not to everyone. Please understand that clearly some far more seasoned scholars than any of us have taken both sides. This is not a clear-cut 'of course' issue.

    I also think that the principle of seeking friendships for pleasure and security applies. If you have a lifelong relationship that brings you pleasure AND security (worthy of debating the different interpretations of secure), it seems marriage is a boon. Some marriages, either due to individual constitutions, choices, or circumstances (or a combination of these) are more pain than pleasure.

    For me, my 16 year relationship is the highlight of my life and it's brought me FAR more pleasure than pain. Sure, I forgo the short-term pleasure of casual sex with others whom I find attractive, but that is far far outweighed by the benefits (since my wife has started managing our 401k and retirement, the goal of financial security is in sight!).

    I'd be VERY interested to see how the textual criticism angle plays out. Seems Bailey has his issues so curious the choice he made in translation.

    Thank you both. It’s very encouraging to start to see these principles working themselves out in daily life.

    As a bonus, I woke up this morning and have the added pleasure of not being groggy, foggy headed , etc. the decision to maximize my long-term pleasure most certainly, from this side of the decision, was justified. Instead of 1-2 more enjoyable martinis I can function...:-)

    Thanks for letting me share.

    (I shall most definitely return to my previous’s one of my favorites...I feared it made me look a little too outlandish...I see it did not...:-))

    hi all,

    My job takes me coast to coast USA on a regular basis. I am constantly being asked to client and company dinners while out on assignment.

    In the past, I've struggled with overindulging in alcohol. So much so, that I've dealt with a seeming never-ending cycle of overindulgence, guilt, promise to stop altogether, overindulgence, guilt...etc.

    Over the last few months, I've pondered how to handle this with my newfound Epicurean mindset. Tonight, after a particularly rowdy client/company dinner and cocktail hour here in New Orleans (a fabulous city to overindulge), I walked back to my hotel with a peer of mine who was also done drinking for the evening.

    It dawned on me that the last few dinners/nights out, I have stopped prior to getting to the point of 'no return'. Each time, I was offered another drink and took a moment to ask myself "at this point in my evening, will having another adult beverage lead to a little longer pleasant feeling or will it result in feeling like crap in the morning and diminish my capacity to be alert and rested the next day?" That little self-talk stopped me again from having another drink.

    for me the test of a philosophy is whether it helps in real-life to bring peace and harmony. The realization that Epicurus is helping me to improve my daily life is a test to it's which it has passed with flying colors.



    hi all,

    I'd like to start a thread for discussion and organizing the DeWitt book discussions.

    Our first discussion was a week or so ago and it was great. We covered Chapter 1.

    Our next session is 1/31/2018 at 3:00-5pm central and we'll discuss chapter 2.

    We'll give some time at the beginning of the session to catch up on Chapter 1 and finish out any topics related thereto prior to moving on to Chapter 2.

    For session 2, I'll provide a rough outline of the text prior to the session so all can follow along. For Chapter/Session 3, I'd love to have a volunteer to outline and lead the conversation.