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    Speaking of friends we never would have met if it weren't for facebook, has anyone heard from Elli? I logged into facebook today and the only posts on her personal page since she went quiet are out of character for her. I fear her profile has been hacked.

    I find this conceptualization of anticipations satisfying. I wonder if expectation might be more descriptive in some instances. When someone "gives their word" that they are going to do something I expect them to honor it and plan around the anticipation of that result. If all goes according to my expectations I am pleased because I have anticipated fortune, I have bet against the future and profited from the association with this person and their honor. If they do not honor their word, and it becomes a pattern, if I am wise I will adjust my expectations and make plans to defy fortune.

    I do think this ties into the preconception of justice very closely, maybe even a precondition of conceptualizing justice.

    I see no real reason to delete my facebook account at this time, especially since facebook has made it an open secret that they never delete anything permanently in my jurisdiction, but my desire to revisit it has reduced to near imperceptible levels. I am less concerned about their profiling of me than I am the psychological manipulation leveraged against its users. I have seen their profile on me, they do not know me well at all but that doesn't stop them from trying to manipulate me into something I'm not. I have seen an effect on my outlook and general well-being since avoiding it and I am pleased with the result. It's very similar to the feeling of freedom that I experienced when I turned off the television for the last time.

    The calculus is clear to me, facebook isn't helping me accomplish my goals. While I haven't been nearly as active here as I was on the discussion groups, I am glad for the forum and hope to participate more in the future as time and inclination allows.

    Peace and safety, friends!

    Aside from the fact that I have much less time at my disposal than before, this too is part of my reasoning for withdrawal from FB. The calculus no longer works out for me. I have no problem with virtual community but I no longer want to participate in those built within the walls of hostile forces seeking to manipulate my thought processes with targeted propaganda and advertisements. Psychology is a very dangerous tool to be wielded without being grounded in true philosophy.

    Thanks for the ping Cassius but please don't make accommodation for me, I cannot be accommodated currently. My efforts and attention are directed toward my household right now. I have a couple of positive, but stressful life-changing events I am in the process of planning for and working through. At this early stage I cannot give an ETA for my return to full engagement or even if I'll be able to return to anywhere near my previous interaction with the social media portions of the Epicurean project. Once things get stable I'll have a better idea of what that looks like. In the meantime, I wish you all well and look forward to seeing these efforts flourish! Peace and safety, friends.

    I prefer Bailey's translation here too but then again, he's also the source of the troublesome translation of PD 6. Why did he make the decisions he made? Once things settle down in Santa Barbara, my Classicist friend has a workprint edition she's going to scan some pages from for me.

    As a desktop browser, keeping the forum open in a background tab throughout the day, I generally click on the home button to see if there have been any major changes in setup (also to test loading times) and refresh notifications across the top menu bar. Next I check any conversation updates, bell notifications, and then read the unread posts under the Forum tab.

    I don't find the Dashboard submenu item Notifications particularly helpful with that workflow but others might. I do need to find a way to include the newsfeed into my regular routine and haven't quite worked that out yet.

    We've got 15 years to go. He died in '58. For me the question is why is St. Paul and Epicurus, essentially the sequel to Epicurus and his Philosophy (or rather EAHP is the prequel to SPAE from his perspective), in the public domain but not EAHP?

    Very good point Cassius. I didn't emphasize it enough but that was my intent behind recommending it first. I should have been explicit! :D

    Makes me wonder if a ‘book club’ with Skype chats would appeal to anyone? It would interest me.

    Excellent suggestion! Is anyone aware of any chat software that can do on the fly transcription? I'd like to see if we could get a recording or "minutes" of any chat in order to publish the fruits of that labor. DeWitt lays so much groundwork that gets ignored by the masses because of inaccessibility of the text.

    Norman DeWitt's Epicurus and his Philosophy, without a doubt, particularly if you're already familiar with the PDs and VSs. It can be a difficult book to track down as it's out of print and the price fluctuates drastically but it's really an excellent work.

    Here's a curriculum put together by Hiram Crespo, author of Tending the Epicurean Garden (a very good read itself) and the Elemental Epicureanism site put together by Cassius Amicus,

    Edit: Haha, I'm out of practice with forums! I forgot to refresh before hitting reply.