Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • I'm interested in organizing monthly meet ups, every twentieth, within the Greater Toronto Area, preferably downtown Toronto, to discuss Epicurean philosophical principles and applications as well as Epicurean philosophy however more generally or specifically.

    If interested, please let me know below.

    Joy to the World!

  • That's a good idea and resource. Thank you Cassius. My only concern with is that it's not a dedicated place of interest for Epicurean philosophy, whereas this place is appropriately much more focused. I do agree it's difficult for people to find each other at large. However, where there's a will there's a way ;)

    Also: I agree, from my own experience, universities/academics are mostly oblivious to Epicureanism, but not everywhere. Here at the University of Toronto, take for instance, the Epicurus Reader which I'm sure you're familiar with, has an intro by Professor Hutchinson in the philosophy department at U of T, who states "Epicurus developed a system of philosophy and way of living that deserves our respect and understanding, perhaps even our allegiance". I'm now thinking I should pay his office hours a visit sometime :)

    Joy to the World!

  • You are certainly right as to the drawbacks of Meetup. Unfortunately for the present we are only a small group, but we have to start somewhere.

    Actually I now remember, if I recall correctly, that EricR is from Canada. It's a big country but I'll tag Eric to say hello to him, and maybe he'll have a comment on Toronto.