Who are your Persians?

  • Who are your Persians?

    For awhile now I’ve noticed that Epicurean adherents use the idea of Persians as the ultimate monolithic enemy. Clearly in reference to the Greco-Persian wars of antiquity.

    But what about today? Who are your Persians and why?

  • Great question. I've used that just as a general allusion to "enemies of Greece" such as in the phrase which is attributed to Epicurus by Diogenes of Laertius. But the concept of there being "enemies" who are working against our happiness is (in my view) beyond dispute, so it's great to consider who/what might fit into that category.

  • Homophobes and theocrats in government.

    "Please always remember my doctrines!" - Epicurus' last words

  • Mine would be those who attempt to impose their will or ideologies on me (and others). Authority figures and so-called leaders that are actually just absentee landlords, bankrupt of actual power except through rhetoric, coercion and physical force.

  • Yes, everyone who is seeking way more than their pound of flesh. It’s hard to escape all the vampires out there sucking the lifeblood out!

  • Turning back to being more serious for a moment, that's one of the multitude of reasons that we can't just sit back and contemplate as being the best way to live. it's just a fact of nature that unless we act to learn, to study, and to protect our own interests, bad things are going to happen to us. Lots of those bad things are pretty basic like disease, bad weather, hunger, and the like, but there *are* other people out there who are just as likely as any virus or bacteria to upset our desire and ability to live happily, and taking the position that "we're all children of god" or "we're all brothers and sisters" doesn't solve the problem.

  • What you say is true. When it comes to the invaders and adversaries, you really have 3 choices:

    1: Confront the adversary head-on.

    2: Submit and conform.

    3: Flee to where they are not.

    Obviously the last option only buys you a little time. It’s not a permanent soulution for dealing with oppressive societies and adversaries, eventually they come to you.